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All over the world cars from Mercedes-Benz have been known for their outstanding performance coupled with luxury and comfort. This is a German based company that was formed in 1926 and has seen immense growth to date. It currently has a presence in 93 locations worldwide and is one of the world’s oldest automotive brand still in existence. At Car Wreckers Sydney we sell top quality used, after market, second hand parts for all types of mercedes cars, trucks, 4wds, vans, suvs and wagons.

In Australia, the brand is popular and well accepted as a leading manufacturer of top range of luxury cars. In efforts to ensure that Car Wreckers Sydney is the leading source of Used Car Parts in Australia, we also have something for Mercedes Benz owners in Australia.

Everybody knows how expensive it is to buy a Mercedes. Fortunately for you, we have made sure that it is not as expensive to own one. Come to Car Wreckers Sydney and be sure to enjoy the best discounts for Mercedes-Benz Parts.

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