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What Led To The Popularity of LPG Cars in Australia?

In 2006, the government introduced rebates for car owners looking to convert their cars to LPG. This meant conversion cost became significantly lesser and more affordable. Add to that the fact that LPG was an eco-friendlier alternative to petrol, not to mention a lot cheaper, and the popularity of LPG conversion for cars became phenomenal.

The Decline in Popularity of LPG Cars in Recent Years

There’s been a steady decline in popularity for LPG converted cars in the past five years. There are several reasons for this, all which are listed below.
The Government’s rebate scheme ended in 2014, which meant LPG conversion became a much costlier affair for car owners to even consider.
The price of LPG rose, which meant the price gap between petrol and LPG became smaller. More and more car owners felt that the payoff was just not worth it.
Newer car models are flooding the market every year, offering better fuel economy, making LPG conversion less relevant in present times.
Fuel stations have shut down LPG bowsers due to lack of demand. This in turn has made car owners hesitate to convert to LPG, as finding a petrol station that offers LPG refills could be a hassle.
In many instances, the car’s warranty or insurance may not apply if it was converted to LPG. This is another big factor why many car owners refrained from LPG conversion.

Where Can I Sell My LPG Converted Car in Sydney?

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