When Do I Need to Replace My Car’s PCV Valve

Many car owners question when it is necessary to replace their car’s PCV valve. The car wreckers offer the following information on PCV valve replacements.

Understanding PCV Valve

Firstly, the positive crankcase ventilation system is designed to draw leftover combustion gases from the crankcase and then route them into the engine, where they have burned in the combustion chambers not allowing them to escape into the atmosphere, polluting it.

If you’ve read your owner’s manual for your car and there is no information on the PCV system’s maintenance do not be alarmed, many times there is not. The valve is designed to regulate the flow of the gases. When the valve does not open and close properly, or if the system has a clog, what will happen is that the car will experience a rough idle, increased oil consumption, or sluggish acceleration.

The valve for the PCV is typically mounted in a grommet on a valve cover and located at a tube or hose end. To check to determine if your PCV valve is functioning properly, remove the valve and shake it to see if you can hear a metallic rattling noise. If so, you likely do not have a problem.

Some engines will not have a PCV valve but will have a hose or tube in the system which can become clogged. Other problems that may occur is that the vacuum hose springs a leak. The PCV system is something that requires checks to ensure that it is in good working order.

When the system is clogged, or the valve is not operating properly, and an increase of oil consumption will occur due to pressure building from crankcase vapours not being allowed to flow into the combustion chambers. When the added pressure occurs, it can also force oil past seals and gaskets. When the valve is not moving from the open position or the system has a leak, there will be too much air into the engine, and the air/fuel mixture will be thrown off, which can trigger the engine light to illuminate.

While your owner’s manual may not include any information on the system, it is necessary to have your PCV system inspected periodically to ensure it is in good condition.

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