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SAAB is one of the pioneer car manufacturers in the world. This Swedish car manufacturing company kicked off operations in 1945. The company did specialise in manufacturing light-weight automobiles and family cars. Over the years, SAAB grew and expanded its operations to the rest of Europe, Asia, America and Australia. However, the company faced stiff challenges and financial problems forcing it to merge with other automobile giants such as Scania and later on General Motors.

Currently, SAAB Motors are defunct but there are a significant number of their vehicles on the roads. Though not very popular, SAAB vehicles are commonly seen in Australia and Australian drivers like them for their elegance. Furthermore, these vehicles are fuel efficient and they are vehicles that you can count on.

One of the major challenges that SAAB car owners are facing is the lack of enough spare parts. Being a car brand that is not very popular, many users often find it problematic getting good spare parts. However, there is no need to worry anymore because we at Car Wreckers Sydney have got you covered. We sell high quality and genuine Used Car Parts for SAAB vehicles. We have a wide range of spares for various different SAAB models such as SAAB 9-3, SAAB 9-5, SAAB 900, SAAB 9000, SAAB 9-2X, SAAB 9-3X, SAAB 9-4X and SAAB 9-7X.

Car Wreckers Sydney has a dedicated team of experts who ensure that the used car parts being sold are in very good condition. We normally buy good cars which has completed a few hundred miles on the roads and you can be sure to get good quality parts from them. Our vehicles are obtained from Auto auctions, company fleets and individuals. We normally do a thorough assessment of the vehicles before purchasing them. After buying the vehicles we take out the good and usable parts and stock them after inspecting them and ensuring that they are good to go.

The wide array of SAAB used car parts that we currently have in store are categorised as follows:

  • Engine and Engine Parts- We have SAAB car engines of all models. These engines are still running very smoothly and capable of serving you for many more miles. Apart from selling the SAAB engines as complete units, we also have assorted SAAB engine parts. These are parts that have been dismantled from previously running engines and are in good usable condition. The parts include Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts, Radiators, Cooling Systems, Water Pumps and Hose Pipes.
  • Transmission- SAAB cars’ transmission systems are not easy to come by. However, we have a variety of these transmission systems. We have both automatic and manual transmission for different models. We will also be able to sell to you various transmission parts that you may be in need of.
  • Body Parts and Kits- Before we take the cars for wrecking we ensure that we have removed all the valuable body parts. Thus, if you are in need of SAAB Car Doors, Side Mirrors, Windscreens, Bumpers, Front and Rear Lights; then you should give us a call.
  • Interior components- These comprise of parts such as Floor Mats, Seats, Seat Covers, Dashboards, Gear Sticks and Gear Knobs as well as the steering wheel.
  • Suspension systems- We sell SAAB car suspension systems as a whole complete system and as individual parts. We have high-quality Coil Springs, Shock Absorbers and many other Suspension Components.

If you are in need of high quality and affordable used car parts, then you should definitely visit Car Wreckers Sydney. We guarantee quality at an affordable price.

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